CPD and Leadership Development

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Clear career pathways and professional development opportunities are now available to all United Learning staff on the United Hub. If you have not done it yet, make sure you visit the website and log in to find out more about the pathways and the opportunities available to you.

National Professional Qualifications

The UCL Institute of Education has formed a partnership with over 150 schools, including a number of United Learning schools (Glenmoor and Winton Academies, Guildford High School, Hanwell Fields Community School, Lambeth, Paddington, Shoreham, Stockport and Walthamstow Academies). Together we are called Leadership CoLab, and now provide new bespoke courses for NPQML (National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership), NPQSL (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership ) and NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship).

These courses are open to both United Learning staff and staff from local schools, and offer new qualifications that provide national recognition of leadership development and professional achievement as a middle and senior leader.

NPQML and NPQSL are designed to support individuals in becoming highly effective leaders with the skills, confidence and knowledge to drive successful team performance and improved classroom practice (NPQML) and to contribute to the strategic development of the school as part of the senior leadership team (NPQSL).

NPQH supports the professional development of aspiring and serving headteachers, helps develop the skills, knowledge and behaviour one needs to be a high-performing headteacher.

How To Apply

For detailed information about the content of the courses, recruitment process, requirements and application forms please visit United Hub, and if you are from a local school please visit the Leadership CoLab website.

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